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About Island Creek.... in a nutshell...


Bob Hickle, Jr.

Bob Hickle has been a resident of Island Creek Township for 38 years, and a gun and shooting enthusiast since birth.


Years ago, Bob had the crazy idea to start his own Sporting Clay range (so that he wouldn't have to drive all the way to Blue Sky).  Island Creek Sporting Clays is making that notion a reality.  Bob has carved his stations out of 80 acres of natural forest .  He has had shooting stands built for each station - several of them featuring roofs and benches.  Bob has also developed an area for picnicking, and has expanded to include a compaq course, towers, and a heated clubhouse.


Bob is married and has two daughters and four grandchildren.  The grandchildren, aged from 4-11 often help out around the range picking up shells and whatever else Pap needs done.  They plan to take over the range someday.

If you have any questions about Island Creek or sporting clays in general, please call or e-mail Bob. or 740-282-5830

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